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The Automotive & Mobility Innovation Center, or AMIC, is not simply a building; rather it is a mindset. The AMIC leverages data, fiber, expertise, talent, and pioneering leadership to chart a course for those who are developing technologies that will disrupt the way the world lives, travels, consumes, and conducts business.

The AMIC has been designed to offer flexibility in a collaborative and open, yet confidential environment. With significant regional investments in innovative technology like The Beta District, the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, and Smart Columbus, the AMIC offers the physcial space and collaborative envirnment needed to advance the next generation of mobility technologies. 

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Opening in May 2024

  • 18,000 SF facility located at Marysville's 33 Innovation Park

  • Entrepreneurial center and business incubator

  • Office and co-working space for emerging companies

  • Offices for state agencies involved in smart mobility 

  • Automotive Testing lab

  • Conference suites

  • Versatile venue accomodating 250 people seated

  • Space to inspire innovative thought and collaboration among the tenants

  • Tenant locker rooms

  • Exhibition and interactive space to display items and technologies promoting smart mobility and agricultural science



The AMIC is available to anyone needing office space, flexible hours, coaching and collaborative opportunities, and more fiber than you can shake a stick at. We also welcome those in the targeted industries below:

  • Aerospace

  • Ag-Tech & Ag-Next

  • Automotive and Smart Mobility (V2X)

  • Logistics & Distribution

  • Research & Development

  • Transit and Micromobility

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)



  • Support start-ups and emerging companies to encourage future permanent locations in Union County - Marysville.

  • Become the international center and innovation hub for the development of smart mobility technologies (V2X and UAS).

  • Leverage existing assets and initiatives such as the 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, Connected Marysville, Smart Columbus, The Ohio State University - Center for Automotive Research, and the Transportation Research Center's SMART Center.

  • Provide space and programming for educators (K-12 and higher education) and private industry to grow apprenticeships, internships, partnerships, and other programs to create the workforce of the future.

  • Provide collaboration space for government (federal, state, and local), education, and private businesses to analyze and study traffic management, automotive, and smart mobility innovations.

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